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As an employee-driven organization, we rely on our employees for their input, ideas, and initiative. We succeed by holding ourselves and others accountable, remaining resilient in the face of change and the relentless pursuing of innovation and continuous improvement. We are also an opportunity-based company that recognizes and supports those who take on challenges to help drive us forward. Regardless of role, we invest in people to develop their leadership potential and instill a culture of teaching and learning.

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Joan Wolf

Joan Wolf

Sasser Family Companies

I am proud and honored to say I work for Sasser Family Holdings. People genuinely care about each other both personally and professionally. We aren’t just a company; we are a family.

Melanie Johnson


I can sincerely say that I have never worked at a company as great as Xcēd. We are a small business with a total of 15 employees and everyone on the team is willing and eager to jump in and help everyone out. The leadership team at Xcēd realizes and appreciates the hard work of every single employee.
Dan Karpierz

Dan Karpierz

Chicago Freight Car Leasing

Working at Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. feels rewarding. The environment here is open, engaging and collaborative. There is always an emphasis on teamwork. It’s also enjoyable to learn from colleagues who possess vast knowledge of the industry, and go out of their way to mentor me.
Jeremy Green

Jeremy Green

Union Leasing

One of the many things I enjoy about working at Union Leasing is our team-mentality approach. This motivates us to focus our complementary strengths on delivering better service to our customers and continually increasing our value to them.
Sidney Roberson

Sidney Roberson

CF Rail Services

I like getting up and coming to work every day. It’s a challenge. Whatever they put in front of me, it’s a goal for me to do it. I learn something new every day from the other guys or management.
JoJo Jensen

Jo Jo Jensen

Express 4x4 Truck Rental

Express 4x4 Truck Rental is not just a team but a family, and as such there is not a goal we can’t achieve or an obstacle we can’t overcome. We have proven our ability to adapt, overcome, strive and excel.

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